MALISH Mirella Double Electric Breast Pump

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<ul><li>2 Phase Expression &ndash; Stimulation Phase &amp; Expression Phase</li><li>9 steps suction control</li><li>Last used setting memory</li><li>Compact and light weight for maximum portability</li><li>Silent operation</li><li>1 year warranty ( motor ) , 6 month warranty ( adaptor )</li></ul><p>Moms preferred double electric pump, suitable for home and office use.</p><p>A real duo with 2 discrete pumps, serving each expression kit, just like 2 sets of single pump.</p><p>Left, right or duet operation with individual control. Different suction strength can be set on left and right!</p><p>Unique soft breast shield design, reacting to the pumping rhythm which mimic baby&rsquo;s suckling for maximum comfort and stimulation</p><p>2 Phase Expression &ndash; Stimulation Phase &amp; Expression Phase</p><p>9 steps suction control</p><p>Last used setting memory</p><p>Compact and light weight for maximum portability</p><p>Silent operation</p><p>1 year warranty ( motor ) , 6 month warranty ( adaptor )</p><p>Mirella Duet Double Electric Breastpump includes:</p><ul><li>1 x Lacte Duet Electric Breast Pump</li><li>2 x Main Breast Shield Body &amp; Breast Shield</li><li>2 x Breast Shield Frame</li><li>2 x Valve Body &amp; Membrane</li><li>2 x Bottle Lid</li><li>2 x Bottle Stand</li><li>2 x Bottle Adapter</li><li>2 x 120ml Wide Neck Bottle</li><li>2 x Tubing</li><li>4 x Tubing Connector</li><li>2 x Dust Cover</li><li>2 x Diaphragm</li><li>2 x Cap &amp; Cap Plug</li><li>1 x Power Adapter</li></ul>

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