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<p><strong>Model:</strong>&nbsp;Tudung Instant Baby | Orked 40</p><p><strong>Color:</strong>&nbsp;Baby Blue<br /><strong>Type:</strong>&nbsp;Instant Syria (Soft Awning)<br /><strong>Material:</strong>&nbsp;Moss Crepe</p><p><b>Size:</b></p><ul><li>Free Size</li><li>Measurement (length from chon to chest): 25CM</li></ul><p>* &nbsp;Suitable for 6 months - 18 month (<b>Baby</b>)<font face="Muli">.</font></p><p><font face="Muli">*&nbsp;</font>Depends on body size</p><p><b>Price:</b></p><ul><li>RM25</li></ul><p>Start &rsquo;em young with the love of hijab with our ORKED tudung. Let your happy baby look good all-day with our fuss-free ORKED collection. Let her Be Beautiful. Let her Be Special</p>

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