Afiat Set Ubat Bersalin ( Post natal set)

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<ul><li>Definitely one of the most affordable set bersalin in market yet original and&nbsp;traditional.</li><li>To help launch the process of childbirth.</li><li>Helps restore energy after childbirth.</li><li>Helps recover wound childbirth.</li><li>Helps strengthen and uterus.</li><li>Helps reduce joint pain and tense muscles during childbirth.</li><li>Did the wind and toxins from the body.</li></ul><ul><li><p>HOW TO USE:</p><p>1) BEDAK HANGAT AFIAT</p><p>1. Use after bathing in the morning and evening.</p><p>2. Mix together some content Pressed Warm water and stir to dissolve.</p><p>3. Apply on the entire body.</p><p>4. Aim to warm up after a shower.</p><p>2) PIL JAMU AFIAT</p><p>1. For use after childbirth.</p><p>2. Eat postpartum, 4 capsules in the morning, 4 capsules in the evening and 4 capsules at night.</p><p>3. To help mothers healthy body and increase energy.</p><p>3) MAKJUN BAWANG PUTIH</p><p>1. 2 capsules in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening.</p><p>2. To increase energy, improve blood circulation and shrink the vaginal tissue.</p><p>4) MINYAK AFIAT</p><p>1. Sort the desired section.</p><p>2. Use 2 times a day for optimum results.</p><p>3. For external use only.</p><p>5) AKAR KAYU PERIUK AFIAT</p><p>1. Boil Akar Kayu Periuk with 200ml water.</p><p>2. Drink a glass of cooking water.</p><p>3. Take 2 times a day, 20 days after birth.</p><p>4. To stimulate and strengthen the body energy.</p><p>6) BARUT AFIAT</p><p>1. Apply and expanding the abdomen.</p><p>2. Wear Barut Afiat start from the bottom center.</p><p>3. Wear a girdle for optimal results.</p><p>4. Practice every day during the confinement.</p><p>5. To help deflate the stomach.</p><p>7) TALI PEMBENTAN AFIAT</p><p>1. Wear the straps Pembentan Afiat right wrist mother.</p><p>8) PATI AFIAT BALM</p><p>1. Apply to dry the baby&rsquo;s umbilical cord.</p><p>2. Can be applied to other parts of the body to maintain skin smoothness.</p><p>9) FEMININE CARE</p><p>1. Wet your intimate parts.</p><p>2. Instill content Feminine Care in wet palms.</p><p>3. Wipe and rub gently on intimate parts.</p><p>4. Rinse thoroughly.</p><p>5. Acting clean private parts of women, provide protection and reduce irritation.</p><p>10) GEL MANDIAN SERAI WANGI</p><p>1. Apply and spread evenly Shower Gel Citronella on the entire body.</p><p>2. Rinse thoroughly.</p><p>3. Use bath time every time.</p><p>4. Blended with Citronella aroma therapy.</p><p>5. To refresh your skin and body scrubs usefulness as a shower</p></li></ul>

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