Nona Roguy Postnatal Confinement Set (Set Bersalin)

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<p>NR Postnatal Care Set offers a convenient solution to post natal care. It is made from tropical herbs renowned for their restorative properties that are sought after all over the world for their unique<br />benefits.</p><p>The set comprises&nbsp;6 herbal blended products specially formulated to strengthen and fortify the body as well as accelerate the healing process for new mothers. The herbs used in the NR Postnatal Care have been traditionally used and scientifically proven for efficacy and safety.</p><p>KKM No. for items in Postnatal Set NR :</p><ul><li>MAL 05090043T (Phytonatal)</li><li>MAL 19972865T (Akar Herbanika)</li><li>MAL 19985762T (Minyak Herbanika)</li><li>MAL 20014436T (Krim Herbanika Barut)</li><li>MAL 19985763T (Uncang Cuci Herbanika)</li><li>MAL 19985761T (Herbanika Lulur)</li></ul>

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