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<p>NATUREPOTION PREMIUM GOLD HONEY BENTONG GINGER</p><p>Benefits:<br />-Helps prevent the clogging of veins and arteries<br />-Controls the content of cholesterol in the body<br />-Relieves stomach, gas and wind<br />-Eliminate toxins<br />-Relieves constipation<br />-Anti-Bacteria, Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammation and increases body immune system<br />-Relieves Cough, Cold, Headache, Migraines and Athrities.</p><p>Details:<br />Discover the goodness of ginger in its most convenient form our most potent and best selling product. Packed in 375ml glass bottles, it is well-known for its health benefits. A heart-stomach-settling elixir it is tart, sweet, strong and oh, so refreshing!!</p><p>Ingredients:<br />Bentong Ginger, Honey, Apple Cider, Garlic and Lemon.</p><p>Directions:<br />Shake well before using. Consume 10ml every morning and night. Once opened, keep refrigerated.</p><p>RECYCLE YOUR WASTE<br />Bottle: Glass<br />Stopper: Plastic.</p>

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